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GirLs NighT 0uT
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

NOTE: If you break any rules you get one warning the next time you are out just to give you a warning.
This community was not built on arguments, and we want to maintaining that.

This is a community for girls who like to get to know each other and chat, it is not all looks, but partially, and personality.
We will be having a lot of fun.

1. The judgment will be harsh. If you can’t deal with that, don’t apply.
2. A minimum of 3 pictures and maximum of 5 pictures is required. They must be CLEAR and not an annoying size.
3. You MUST use an LJ-cut for the application and pictures. Check out the FAQ if you don't know how to do an LJ-cut. You will be banned for not using an LJ-cut!
4. You CANNOT comment on any other post except your own or make another post until you're approved as a member.
5. You must be at least 13 years old or older to apply.
6. Don't start drama with the stamped members. You'll get rejected and banned immediately.
7. Once you join, you have 24 hours to submit your application or you'll be deleted.
8. If you get rejected, please wait a FULL 3 days before submitting a new application and pictures.
9. You MUST put "G1rLs N1ghT 0uT" in the subject line of your application or you'll be immediately rejected.
10. Do NOT delete your entry if you get rejected. That'll result in getting yourself banned.
11. Questions must be bold. Yes, it takes some extra time, but it makes applications much easier to read. If the questions aren't bold, your application is automatically rejected.

01. Be nice.
02. Put your stamped entries containing images behind an LJ-cut.
03. You MUST judge the applicant based on their personality, and style.
04. Be as blunt and honest as you want, but do NOT be too rude to an applicant.
05. You MUST place your votes in the subject line AND/OR BOLD them so they will be easier to count. [i.e. YES or NO ]
06. Follow the theme with your posts, and the subjects should be called "Stamped"
07. Take your time to judge, this is a high class community to get into.
08. Even if all the members say yes but both the MODS say no, then it is an automatic no. Atleast one MOD has to agree for them to become a member.

x. name =
x. birthday =
x. height =
x. hair color =
x. siblings =
x. pets =
x. age =
x. bf or gf =
x. you drink, drugs or smoke? =

x. premarital sex =
x. gay/lesbian relationships =
x. bush and kerry =

Write us a short paragraph telling us a little about yourself:

Who referred you to the community or how did you find out about it:

Why do you belong here?:

Post a clear picture of yourself (min. of 3, max of 5):

Post a picture of the most important person/place/thing in your life, and tell us who/what/where it is and why its the most important thing to you:

Your Lovely MOD :-)


Your Lovely Co-MOD =)


Allison a.k.a. blondehearted26
Amelia a.k.a. crystallintears
Andrea a.k.a. drunk_lovin
Cadie a.k.a. iwritethewrong
Elyse a.k.a. xoctober_skyx
Fluzzy a.k.a. the_real_fluzz
Gabi a.k.a. _ga13ix92
Hope a.k.a. colormestellar
Jackie a.k.a. playmateof2001j
Jaclyn a.k.a. indecisive_jax
Julia a.k.a. juliacheese
Julia a.k.a. jchandy1008
Laura a.k.a. missheavensent
Marisa a.k.a. bloody_red
Marlee a.k.a. miss_golightlyy
Sam a.k.a. newyork_doll2
Sherril a.k.a. starryeyes303

ALL of the members must have one of these banners in the userinfo of their journal.

Come Join g1rls_n1ght_0ut

Come Join g1rls_n1ght_0ut

Come Join g1rls_n1ght_0ut

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